Group and collaborations

I am member of the Stars & Planets group lead by Prof. Ignasi Ribas. I do not sustain a large group on my own, but mostly operate in multi-institute collaborations. Some examples are Pale Red Dot, Red Dots, and SONet collaborations.

I still have/had the pleasure of also acting as supervisor of early carreer researchers and postdocts

Maritza Soto, PhD. Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Queen Mary University of London

Manuel Perger, PhD. CARMENES Postdoctoral Research Assistant at Institut for Space Sciences (ICE/CSIC)

Carlos Gascón, MSc in Astrophysics. Now full-time intern at ICE/CSIC (soon to become PhD student).


Clark Baker, PhD
(Former)PhD student at Queen Mary University of London. Currently at Cavendish Lab – Cambridge/UK

John P. Strachan, PhD
(Former) PhD student at Queen Mary Unviversity of London.

Zaira M. Berdiñas, PhD
(Former) PhD student at Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía (IAA/CSIC)

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